The image is a poster for a movie called \
title Fantasy movie "Dragon" featuring a regal woman with mystical allure.
description The image is a poster for a movie called "Dragon". The poster features a woman with long, flowing hair and green eyes. She is wearing a black dress with a green and gold necklace. She is also wearing a crown. The background of the poster is a green and black gradient. The title of the movie is in the top left corner of the poster. The woman's name is in the bottom right corner of the poster.
resolution 768x768
creativity 85/100
likes 3
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Model Stable Diffusionv1.5
prompt a poster for the dark fantasy TV show "Dragon is gone". The poster should feature in the center a confident and mysterious young woman in her late twenties with long, dark hair and piercing green eyes. She is dressed in a dark, flowing robe with intricate gold trim, befitting her status as a powerful sorcerer. In the background, there should be a fantastical landscape with mythical creatures and a full moon, emphasizing the magical and mysterious world that wonen's inhabits. The poster should have a dark and mysterious tone, with a color palette of greens, golds, and black to match woman's hair, eyes, and clothing.
negative prompt deformed, bad anatomy, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, extra limb, ugly, disgusting, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, malformed hands, blurry, ((((mutated hands and fingers)))), watermark, watermarked, oversaturated, censored, distorted hands, amputation, missing hands, obese, doubled face, double hands, asian, b&w, black and white, sepia
parameters seed1430943425 steps20 samplerEuler a CFG scale4 clip skip4
elapsed: 6ms0,3,3