This is an image of Nene, a character from the anime series \
title Nene, a cheerful white cat with blue eyes and star.
description This is an image of Nene, a character from the anime series "Nene." She is a small, white cat with blue eyes and a yellow star on her forehead. She is wearing a blue hat with cat ears and a yellow shirt with a white collar. She is also wearing blue shorts and yellow shoes. She has a cheerful expression on her face and is standing with her hands on her hips.
resolution 608x640
creativity 85/100
likes 3
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Model Stable Diffusionv1.5
LoRA Neco-Arc CharactersNECO-ARCV3FINAL
prompt necoarc, middle finger, full body, 1girl, :3, cat ears, full body, chibi, cat girl, cat tail, solo, slit pupils, pillow hat, hair flaps, gold eyes, tube top and lowleg shorts, 2d, cartoon, anime coloring
negative prompt two mouths, (random background, confusing background, abstract background:1.2), worst quality, low quality, Bad Hands, Bad Artist Anime, Bad Artist OG, Bad Image v4, holding food, holding bowl, multiple glasses, two pairs of glasses, random hair, disconnected hair, frames, sagging breasts, borders, letterboxing, random machinery, random body parts, random metal
parameters seed368089204 steps20 samplerEuler a CFG scale8 clip skip8
elapsed: 5ms0,3,2