The image is a poster for the 1977 film \
title Surreal poster for "Eraserhead" film depicts man's subconscious desires.
description The image is a poster for the 1977 film "Eraserhead". The poster features a black and white drawing of a tall, thin tower with a spiral staircase. The tower is set against a red and white background. In the foreground, a man in a red shirt is walking towards the tower. The man is carrying a briefcase. The poster is printed on a heavy, cream-colored paper. The image is a surreal and Lynchian depiction of a man walking towards a tower. The tower is phallic in nature and may represent the man's subconscious desires. The man is carrying a briefcase, which may represent his work or his responsibilities. The red and white background may represent the man's inner turmoil. The image is a powerful and disturbing depiction of the human psyche.
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Model Stable Diffusionv2.1
prompt man walking on the warped highway, trees, early evening, ((hypnotic spiral on sky:1.3)), surrounding, surreal mysterious, Junji Ito, Kim Jung Gi manga style, [red, white, blue], vector art style, ancient Japanese ink style, man walking on the road, detailed realistic professional art masterpiece
negative prompt blurry, childish, cartoon, painting, messy, amateur,
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